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Store credit wallet for refunds, rewards and returns.

CreditsYard is a must-have store credit management system that helps you build brand loyalty and turn returns into repurchases by keeping the cash in store.

Seemless Refunds

Keep the Money in Store

Increase sales by converting returns into revenue by using store credit as a refund option.

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Loyalty Program

Cashback Rewards

Reward customers for purchasing specific products using cashback & automation functionality.

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Seemless Refunds & Exchanges

CreditsYard streamlines the refund process by allowing you to issue store credit for returns, refunds, exchanges, or rewards. This credit can then be redeemed by the customer from the online store or directly at the point of sale (POS) for future orders.

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Cashback Rewards

Reward customers for purchasing from a specific collection or products using Cashback & Automation functionality.

You can also allow customers to pre-purchase store credit directly from your store.

Email Notifications

Keep your customers informed by personalizing the email notifications they receive whenever store credit is added or deducted, or when they earn cashback. Personalize your messages with specific instructions or friendly notes to ensure clear communication and strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Full Control Over Your Customers' Store Credit

Empower your business with complete control over store credit management. Our robust features ensure flexibility and precision in handling store credits, enhancing the shopping experience for your customers and optimizing your sales strategy.

  • Set Credits Expiration Date
  • Deduct Tax from Credits
  • Allow Store Credit to Cover Shipping Costs
  • Restrict Store Credit Usage to Specific Products
  • Set Maximum or Minimum Order Value

Streamlined Store Credit Management

Effortlessly issue store credit to your customers with our user-friendly dashboard. Migrate to CreditsYard in just 2 minutes.

Simple Ways to Add Store Credit:

  • Manually from Customer Profile
  • Bulk Import Using a CSV File
  • Shopify Flow Integration
  • Custom API
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Shopify Integrations

Shopify Flow

CreditsYard integrates with Shopify Flow, Allows you to adjust store credit for your customers using custom actions.

Shopify B2B

CreditsYard integrates with Shopify B2B, Enabling you to issue store credit to companies that they can use in next orders.

Shopify POS

CreditsYard integrates with Shopify POS, Allows you to use the customers credit directly from Shopify POS app.

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Store credit digital wallet for returns, exchanges & cashback.